Thursday, September 08, 2005

Just starting

After spending years looking at and liking the look of different pieces of art, I finally decided to invest in some.
The idea is to spend a little spare money on art, with the hope that it will apreciate in value over time and also be nice to have hanging on the wall over the next few years.
I don't have time to read all the books on smart art investments and returns on particular artists etc... The idea is just to buy art that i like and then keep it for as long as i like.
I started off buying one piece by an Irish Artist called Judy Hamilton. It's a very large piece and now sits with pride of place over the fireplace in my livingroom.
Of course, when I started to look around at other things in my home, I realised that I had in fact been collecting art for years, without realising it.
In any case, if anyone has any suggestions in relation to collecting art etc... even favourite artists then let me know.
In addition to Judy Hamilton, I really like the Dreamscape pieces from Astrid Preston.